Top Christmas Lighting Trends

Colored Christmas BulbsBrighten everyone’s spirit with this year’s top holiday lighting trends!

It’s that magical time of the year when you start untangling your lights and getting in a festive spirit.  So, are you going to stick with putting your lights up the same way you did last year (and the year before that)?  I’d like to encourage you to make your house merry and bright with this year’s top trend – color.

Colored bulbs, do you remember those?  Over the past several years white (well, technically clear) lights have been the go-to lighting design, but we’re seeing a throwback to traditional multi-colored lights.

Run multicolored lights along your home’s fascia or roof edge.  Spruce up shrubs with color blocks of all red or green.  Illuminate walkways and paths with colorful ground lighting.

If you’re not ready to go with an all-color lighting scheme; just add a pop of color to a tree or shrub.   You’ll find that colored bulbs are more festive and give your home a custom look.   (Bonus landscaping tip:  never put nails in your trees!)

Another lighting option we’re starting to see more of is lighting projectors and spotlights.  This is an easy way to shine holiday cheer on your home.

Finally, give your home extra holiday character with lighted wreaths and ornamentals.  Illuminated large-scale décor adds more dimension to you holiday motif.  Still, I recommend keeping the overall design simple and classy.

You don’t need to go full Griswold to prove that you’re committed to the Christmas spirit!  A tasteful design that incorporates some of this year’s lighting trends will perfectly delight everyone (including Santa).

Remember to follow proper holiday lighting etiquette and take your lights down after January 1, but before January 30.  Don’t be those neighbors!

For do-it-yourselfers, here’s a time-saver:  test your lights before you hang them.  Seems simple, but with all of the holiday to-dos on your mind you may forget this simple first step!

Another pro-tip, string your lights at dusk so you can keep an eye on your design and watch for gaps or any bulbs that are out.

Decorating House with Lights

Professionally trained decorators install a custom Christmas light design.

If you are decorating your home yourself this season, please be careful.  If you don’t want to deal with holiday lighting, but still want a jolly home, enlist a professional holiday lighting company (it’s kind of like having elves of your own).  So, if you’re tight on time and just want the holiday magic with out all of the hassle, we hang Christmas lights!

Wishing you a holiday season that is merry and of course—bright!

Tim Scott is a professional holiday light installer and oversees the Christmas Décor division of Signature Landscapes