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Signature Landscapes renews its commitment to support commercial real estate organization, CREW of Northern Nevada. As a platinum sponsor, Signature Landscapes clearly wants to show the entire commercial real estate community how important the industry is to the long-term growth and vitality of our beautiful city. It’s the quality of life that keeps us here, and it’s why we enjoy our membership in CREW Northern Nevada.

  • I am pleased to say that Chemane Trimble of Signature Landscapes has agreed to be the Chair of the Membership Committee for CREW for 2012! You will see all future new member applications come from her for a vote. I think this will tie in well with Signature’s Platinum Membership Ambassador Sponsorship, which I am also happy to say that they have committed to again for 2012. Thank you Steve and Chemane and thank you Signature Landscapes for your support of CREW!!–Brittany Diehl, CPM®

It has always been a goal for Signature to become more involved with exceptional organizations – the ones that motivate and move the members it serves.  We set our goals high as we sought a group that had achieved some of the values we were searching for…

a group that served the members, a group that clearly aligned itself with the needs of the community, and a group welcomed us in… which is harder to find than you’d expect.   And to this end, it is this seed that draws Signature in to CREW’s new membership program.

You see, by helping the new members associate with the current membership, we grow outside of our comfort zones for sure …but the CREW Network has the opportunity to grow far stronger than if we remained comfortable in our own silos.

CREW Network is the industry’s premier business organization dedicated to the advancement of women in commercial real estate.  Learn more about CREW and how you might benefit from becoming a member.

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