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What is the difference between trimming your trees and pruning your trees? And when is the best time to do both?

Trimming your trees is recommended when branches are too close to your home, business or other structures. We trim trees to reduce potential fire hazards and to make your property safer. Learn more about preparing your home or office for a fire.

Pruning your trees is like taking care of your own health with regular check-ups and a focus on prevention. Pruning trees is the most common tree maintenance procedure, and when done regularly and correctly, can extend the life of your trees and protect your investment.

We prune trees to:

  • Remove dead tree branches
  • Remove crowded or rubbing tree limbs
  • Eliminate tree hazards
  • Increase light and air penetration into the tree canopy

When to Prune a Tree

ISA CertifiedIt is best to begin pruning trees when they are young. Waiting to prune a tree until after it has matured often requires larger cuts that take longer to heal. As a rule, small cuts do less damage to a tree than larger ones. A tree service visit from a Signature Landscapes ISA Certified Arborist can assess your trees and prescribe the best preventive measures to ensure the health and longevity of all your trees.

Deciduous trees (Gambel Oaks, Elm, Quaking Aspen, Maples, Sycamores, etc) should be pruned in the winter. Conifers (Ponderosa Pine, Pinion Pine, Colorado Blue Spruce, etc.) can be pruned any time of year. It’s best to prune your trees before the spring growth, resulting in a faster recovery time for your trees.

Like your annual physical, regular inspections of your trees with an effective tree maintenance plan that includes mulching, fertilizing and pruning can point to emerging problems. Corrective measures can then be taken before more harm is done, which in some cases could result in the unnecessary death of one of your trees.

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