Organic Lawn Care now available in the Truckee Meadows

Organic Lawn Care now available in the Truckee Meadows

We believe there’s good news ahead for your lawn’s natural health and well-being. You can always improve the structure of your soil by amending it with the appropriate materials to achieve the desired structure for the turf you are growing. And our organic program leads the charge for a fresh start.

Changing to organic lawn care practices often requires the application of products which are not used in chemically dependent lawn and garden care. Reno Lawn & Landscape will manage this process in order to help your turf reach it’s peak of health.

You see, our organic strategy makes life favorable for the grass and unfavorable for the weeds – so the grass chokes out the weeds. Naturally!

Under our organic lawn care program, the presence of pests in large enough numbers to cause damage or a nuisance is recognized as a symptom of an underlying problem or imbalance in the ecosystem which must be corrected. The techniques and materials used present very low risks or no risks at all to human health and the environment.

Reno Lawn & Landscape’s creative combination of professional care and organic fertilization will provide rich beautiful beds and lush thick turf. Organic soils have better physical structure, preventing erosion; are more permeable, which increases healthier microorganism growth; and provide more availability of nutrients which are necessary for crop productivity.

Reno Lawn & Landscape’s Organic Lawn Care is:

  • People and pet safe
  • 100% natural and organic
  • Eliminates the need for chemical fertilizers when scheduled properly
  • Adds life to lawns providing beneficial soil microbes
  • Promotes hardy root system
  • Fast effective natural results
  • Continuous feeding for up to three months

Call our professionals today and learn how we can help you create a productive, organic, healthy soil which assures essential nutrients are continuously available to your lawn. (775) 827-5296


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