Listing? Here’s Why Curb Appeal is So Important

A Few Tips to Maximize Your Home Value with Curb Appeal

By Jennifer Riner

Real estate is on the rise again in our area.  If you are planning to make a move, be sure you get noticed and command a higher list price with an inviting landscape.  Most single-family homes come equipped with a basic front yard space.  What you do with the exterior says a lot about the value of your listing. Nonetheless, many sellers forgo this aspect to prioritize internal improvements.

Your landscape is your home’s first impression.  Here are three reasons why curb appeal is a pertinent selling point.

1. Curb appeal starts buyers off on the right foot

Think about it: aside from scanning images online, your home’s curb appeal is the first thing house hunters see in person. Why not make it as spectacular as possible to start showings off right? Optimistic buyers use the façade of a home to envision their futures, so playing up exterior strengths is just as important as upgrading the interior aesthetics.  Whether you opt for professionally-designed ground covers, colorful, flowering trees, manicured hedges or potted trimmings, maintained front lawns are likely to remain top of mind with potential buyers even as they continue searching the local market.

2.  Owning land is part of the American dream; use landscape to help potential buyer picture their lives on the property

Landscape design is universally appreciated, but can also inspire first-time buyers to test their green thumbs. Transitioning from a townhouse, high-rise or condo complex doesn’t provide much familiarity with exterior design. Nonetheless, new, single-family buyers often focus on owning a private patch of land. The trick is to landscape the property in such a way that it encourages buyers to envision their lives on the property; think Frisbee with the dog, bocce ball with the kids or dinner in the backyard.

3.  Exteriors help online marketing

Listing images are the foundation of good marketing in real estate. Many sellers don’t realize how important it is to lead the slideshow with a professional exterior photograph to literally provide the full picture. Plus, incorporating the term “landscaped” online adds value to your listing description and eventually helps sellers receive larger offers than expected. Zillow says entry-level listings, on average, sell 4.2 percent higher than anticipated when the word “landscaped” is incorporated.

While you shouldn’t forgo upkeep on the interiors, upping the curb appeal is just as important. Spend a little money before listing your home to increase interest in your property and potentially receive a higher resale price.


Want more?  Tim Laskowski, Owner/Partner of Signature Landscapes gave his expert take on landscaping trends featured at Zillow Digs: