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Sprinkler & Drip System Winterizing

Protect your irrigation with winter turn-off services

Our winter sprinkler and drip system winterization and turn-off service. Near the beginning of November, your system will be shut down, drained where possible, ball valves set at 45 degree angles to prevent freezing and other necessary precautions taken for a properly winterized system. We also perform professional Spring turn-on services too.

Pro Tip:  Schedule Your Turn-off Early to Avoid Delays

System winterizations begin November 1st. Normally, a two to three week lead time is needed to schedule and complete your winterization.  A note will be left informing you that your system has been winterized and reminding you to turn your sprinkler controller clock off.

An appointment for the first winterization of the day may be set to guarantee an exact time. Typically, we set an arrival timeframe (within a two-hour window).

Will we contact you first?

Normally, a call before is unnecessary since all the valves are outside.  Please do notify us if access inside is necessary and a note to call before will be indicated on your customer record.

How will I be charged?

Per winterization for services called in by November 15th, greater for winterization services called in after November 15th. (Any repairs that are required will be scheduled for the following spring at an additional charge.)

Our irrigation experts will help you conserve water and keep your lawn’s sprinkler system trouble-free with our exclusive Water Management Program. We offer sprinkler installation, maintenance and repairs. Call us for a no cost, no obligation estimate.

Take a look at what irrigation expert, Cesar Marin, has to say: Winterizing Your Irrigation (Video)


Sprinkler & Drip System Winterizing comes with a satisfaction guarantee. If you're not satisfied, we'll make it right!