Spring Turf Aeration Services

Why does Signature Landscapes believe so strongly in lawn aeration?

After proper watering, Aerating is the single most important thing you can do for a healthy lawn. Aeration promotes root growth and reduces water usage by getting oxygen and H20 into the root zone. Aerated soil will endure drought stress, fill in bare spots faster and resist insect and disease attack too.

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How Aeration Serves the Turf in the Truckee Meadows

For Northern Nevada lawns, experts say the Spring and Fall season turf aeration service is best guarantee for a healthy lawn come spring through summer. At the end of summer, your soil is severely compacted. Our lawn aeration equipment will pull “cores,” or plugs of soil out of the ground, letting air in.

Your lawn plugs should be 2″-3″ in depth. Such a plug should be pulled out of the lawn at about every 3″. If your ‘low price‘ aeration guy leaves tiny little plugs on your lawn, you will not see any benefit. Save your money and hire an honest, licensed turf-care professional.

The plug-removal process is facilitated by watering the lawn the day before, but don’t water to the point of muddying the soil.

Schedule Your Aeration

Once aerated, leave the plugs. They’ll decompose while adding soil nutrients. Water and fertilize as normal.

  • Sprinkler Turn-On. Includes system check, sprinkler head adjustment, walk through leak check, and controller programming
  • Aeration. Professional core service breaks down thatch allowing nutrients and water deep into your lawn’s roots
  • Fertilization. Our “Lawn Spinach” blend is the most nutrient, long lasting fertilizer on the market. Guaranteed green fast and thick!

Optimally, aerate in spring and fall. And pre-watering will ensure that the machine can effectively plug your yard.

A mower-looking machine drives a roller bristling with 3” tines over your grass. The tines poke into the grass and extract a “plug” which allows fresh air, fertilizer and water to soak into the lawn’s root structure. Well-aerated soil endures drought, fills in bare spots faster and resists insects and diseases.

  • Aeration starts the second week in March, weather permitting, and is available throughout the season, ending the second week of November.
  • Appointments? Most requests for either morning or afternoon can be accommodated and more specific times under special circumstances.
  • Call before arriving? Yes we will call the day before we Aerate.