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Premier Lawn Care Services for Reno, Sparks, Gardnerville & Carson City There’s no reason to guess whether or not Signature Landscapes can help you with your landscape maintenance. Just take a look at our work! Our team has served Northern Nevada’s commercial & residential lawn care and landscape maintenance customers for almost 30 years. Our award winning service and beautiful landscape designs have made us Nevada’s Top Landscape Award Winner. With our “100% Guaranteed Satisfaction Policy” and one of the area’s highest customer renewal rates, you can rest assured, spotless customer serviceis one of our top priorities.

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Residential and Commercial Maintenance Pros

We proudly offer a range of services from customized lawn treatments to year-round fertilization. We are licensed and trained insect control specialists and our environmentally-friendly products are safe for use around children and pets.

We know your yard is more than just grass and shrubs. It provides a soft place for bare feet, a cool place to play with the family pet, and a deep sense of satisfaction for everyone who lives in the Truckee Meadows. Get started with professional care from Signature Landscapes today.

*Save $20 on spring water turn-on and winterization. Call Julie at (775) 857-4333.

Irrigation Repair & Service Not all sprinkler systems are created equal The quality of your irrigation systems will have a dramatic effect on the long-term quality and health of your yard. At Signature Landscapes we have earned a reputation providing the most reliable and durable sprinkler systems in the region. We offer a wide array of sprinkler services.   Sprinkler and Drip System Repair – Our supervisors can repair any problems in your system including sprinkler heads, valves, clocks, drip emitters, etc.. Each supervisor is highly trained and specializes in this area.

Sprinkler and Drip System Turn-on and Adjustments 

Assures that your lawn has the best coverage possible, the plants are being watered, and a proper watering schedule has been programmed. The turn-on usually reveals any problems from the end of last year and/or problems that have occurred due to winter elements.

  • Schedule – System turn ons begin April 1st , weather permitting. Precedence is given to customers already scheduled.
  • Appointments – An appointment for the first call of the day (usually 7:30 AM) can be set to guarantee an exact time, or we can set an arrival timeframe within a two-hour time span. Call Before Arrival – Yes, you will be called 1- 2 days before the repair to let you know we are coming. There is no need for you to be home.

Sprinkler and Drip System Winterization – Near the end of October your system will be shut down, drained where possible, ball valves set at 45 degree angles to prevent freezing, and other necessary precautions taken for a properly winterized system.

  • Schedule Early! System winterizations begin November 1st. Normally, two to three weeks is needed to complete winterizations. A note will be left informing you that your system has been winterized and asking you to turn your clock off.
  • Charges – Per winterization for services called in by November 15th, greater for winterization services called in after November 15th. (Any repairs that are required will be scheduled for the following Spring)
  • Appointments – Yes. An appointment for the first call of the day may be set to guarantee an exact time, or we can set an arrival timeframe within a two-hour time span.
  • Call Before Arrival – Normally, a call before is unnecessary since all the valves are outside. Please notify us if access inside is necessary and note to call before will be noted on your customer record.