Locals vote Signature Landscapes Best Landscaper for 2014

You read that right! Signature Landscapes voted #1 Landscaper in Northern Nevada in the 2014 Reno News and Review’s Best of Northern Nevada reader’s choice contest. Otherwise known as the Reno News & Review’s Biggest Little Best of Northern Nevada. And just in case you missed the Best Of’s from prior years, this is our third first place win!

Thank you, Northern Nevada!

We love you! There’s nothing else we’d rather be doing than serving each and every one of you all year long. Landscaping is our passion, our art and our way of life, and we couldn’t do it without your business.


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Houzz Survey Predicts Rise in Outdoor Living Renovation

The third annual Houzz & Home Landscaping Study Survey revealed a continued rise in demand for outdoor renovation. The survey covered historical and planned projects, the motivations behind these projects, and regional and age differences in priorities and spending.

Regarding past spending, patio or landscape additions or renovations have been among the top five projects completed in the last five years, with an average national cost of $9,545. The average time taken in the planning process was 6.6 months.

Hardscape patio projects are at an all time high

Of those surveyed, 30% plan to hire a landscape professional in the next two years. More than half (56%) of those planning a project want to make their yard more entertainment-friendly. While the majority of planned landscaping projects include a patio (69%), nearly half of homeowners undertaking a landscape project are adding a fire pit (48%).

In terms of preference by age, millennials are more likely to install a fire pit in the future (21%, compared to 16% of older groups) and less likely to install a new patio (39%, compared to 46%).

For more than half of homeowners (55%), planned projects are intended to resolve problems in their yard. The top issue for all regions was correcting drainage issues, indicating marketing opportunities for permeable paversnationwide. The number two priority for the West involved water shortage, indicating opportunities for permeable paver systems that are designed to include water harvesting and reuse. The number two priority for other regions included privacy problems in the East and erosion in both the South and Midwest, indicating opportunities for retaining walls in those regions.

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Signature Landscapes Ranked on List of Green Industry’s Largest Companies

Landscape Management released its 2014 LM150 list of the Green Industry’s largest companies ranked by 2013 revenue. Signature Landscapes ranked No. 138 on the list in 2013 annual revenue.

“It’s exciting to have made the list,” said managing partner, Lebo Newman of Signature Landscapes. “It’s truly a testament to the incredible amount of sweat and dedication our teams have delivered over the last 18 months. It’s nice to be recognized.”

The landscape industry’s top 150 revenue-generating firms logged a combined $7,668,025,804 in 2013 annual revenue—a 0.2 percent drop from last year’s list totaling $7,689,821,749 in 2012 annual revenue. The figure remains lower than 2010’s nearly $7.8 billion total. Overall, LM150 companies averaged a 12 percent growth rate from 2012 to 2013.

“Congratulations to Signature Landscapes and all the companies on this year’s LM150 list,” said Marisa Palmieri, editor of Landscape Management. “Many of the firms on this list are the best of the best. It’s an honor to be among them.”

The LM150 list, published by Landscape Management, represents nearly $7.7 billion in 2013 annual revenue. Learn more

Brown Spots on Your Lawn?

How to deal with brown spots

In the heat of July, almost every lawn has brown spots and we all see them. Brown spots are really the lawn’s S-O-S call for help. The grass is obviously stressed and of course, we think it needs MORE water.

We’re tempted to turn up the sprinkler system so it waters longer. But watering longer won’t solve the problem if the water isn’t getting to that brown spot to begin with.

So, how do we find the problem?

Many brown spots can be solved right at the source of where the water comes out – at the sprinkler heads themselves. Four common problems are quick fixes that can get much of your system back in order. If you do the work yourself, it shouldn’t take a lot of time. Whether it’s a DIY project or you bring in the Signature Landscapes technician, the benefits will be a healthier lawn and hopefully, less water use and costs.

4 Causes of brown spots

  • The nozzle – the part in the sprinkler head where the water comes out – is clogged. Dirt and debris often get into the nozzle and once it is cleaned out, the head will spray water where it’s intended.
  • The direction of the nozzle’s spray is out of adjustment. The nozzle may be directing water too low or too high. Either one will keep the water from hitting the area it is supposed to reach. Making the adjustment will solve the problem.
  • Rotor heads – the ones that oscillate back and forth – may be pointed in the wrong direction or stuck. A head that’s aimed at the street rather than your lawn is the culprit for the brown spot and wasting water in the process. Getting the head back into adjustment will put the water where it needs to go.
  • Sprinkler heads aren’t popping up high enough. Equipment damage or soil build-up over the years may mean the sprinklers are no longer popping up high enough to clear the top of the grass blades. Water will hit the grass closest the head and be deflected. Raising the heads – or replacing them with sprinklers that pop up higher – will solve the problem. 

More advice for brown spots

For a few days if temps remain high, you may want to hand water just those brown spots to give them extra TLC – but avoid making the entire sprinkler system run longer just to deal with problem areas. That’s a waste of water – and added cost.

Need help getting your sprinklers in good running order? Your Signature Landscapes Landscape Certified Irrigation Technician can help you find the perfect formula for a healthier greener turf.


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Carson Tahoe Named Nation’s 5th Most Beautiful Hospital

A hospital that makes patients feel better on arrival? It’s true, beautiful hospitals have been shown to speed healing. And Carson Tahoe Regional Medical Center has just been recognized for its commitment to the patient, being named the fifth most-beautiful hospital in the U.S. by Soliant Health, one of the largest healthcare staffing companies in the country.

Signature Landscapes couldn’t be more excited for the hospital and is proud to have installed this amazing landscape years ago – and still maintains this beautiful facility today.

most_beautiful_hospitals-2014“There is a special feel to hospitals with inviting public spaces and soothing private rooms,” said Gale Yochum, a nine-year Soliant operating room travel nurse. “Patients who feel satisfied with the facility may recover faster and have shorter stays, which is good for both hospital and patient.”

Soliant judges said they could see this hospital being used as an exterior location for any number of big-budget Hollywood sci-fi movies. In the words of hospital officials, the newly-constructed facility is meant to celebrate the wonders of the natural world that surrounds it, “capturing and embracing the healing forces of nature’s elements.”

If you would like to learn more about the Carson Tahoe Health facility, simply visit www.carsontahoe.com. Article photo by: Richard Stokes for CTRH Publication.

Want a stunning container garden?

The warming weather says “patio season” – time to dress up the patio with containers full of flowers.

To make a stunning container you can enjoy from now until frost, follow these simple tips and tricks.

Containers and soil

  • Use traditional flower pots of varying sizes or get creative with any type of container that can hold soil and water and has drainage holes.
  • Rather than digging dirt from the yard, use good potting soil as it has the drainage that container plants need.
  • Place soil in the container within 3-4 inches of the top if using small plants in 4 or 6-packs. Fill the container a bit lower if using larger, more mature plants.

What to buy
Will patio pots be mostly in shade or sun? If your patio is shaded, you need shade loving plants such as impatiens or begonias. If it’s sunny, you need plants that take full sun such as petunias, zinnias, marigolds, etc.

Next think about color and shape. Do you want bright, multicolored arrangements or softer pastels? Do you prefer shades of mostly one color with some foliage or a multicolor scheme? There are so many flower choices, it’s wise to have a concept in mind before you shop.

Use the formula: thriller, filler, spiller
An easy way to get a balanced and dramatic container is to apply this formula:

  • Thriller = a tall plant in the middle of the container. It can be a spike of foliage or other tall plants.
  • Filler = mounding plants such as petunias or geraniums. They will fill in most of the container around the base of the thriller.
  • Spiller = plants that spill over the edge of the container and can be foliage such as ivy or sweet potato vine or cascading flowers.

container-garden-3How many plants do I need?
For a 12″ wide container, you will need about 7-9 plants, for a 14″ pot you will need 9-11 plants; and for larger containers at 18-24″, you will need about 16-20 plants.

How much space should I leave between plants so there’s room to grow?
The closer you place plants in the container, the faster it will look full. Yet, by mid summer when plants have really matured, the container could be so full that it becomes difficult to water.

When using small plants that have been grown in 4- and 6-packs, it’s good to plant 2 or even 4 of these smaller plants together rather than separating each one. Space each group of plants about 4-6″ apart depending on the varieties. Aggressive plants like sweet potato vine will need the full 6″ spacing so there is room to spread.

If you use plants in 3.5″ or larger pots, it is not necessary to group them together. Instead, space single plants a few inches apart.

Final tips
• Use a time release fertilizer that does not need to be applied often. This keeps the plants blooming and growing without having to remember to fertilize every week with a liquid feed.
• Mulch with Soil Pep or ground bark or cocoa bean hulls to help hold in moisture.
• Recycle the original plastic plant pots and plant tags at a local garden center.

This great information is brought to you by the great team of gardeners, arborists and landscape professionals of the Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado.  All rights reserved.

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