Our Belgard permeable pavers

Great example of how “permeable” our Belgard Stone Pavers really are. If you have an application where water runoff from a driveway or patio is important, take a look at this video. (from our Belgard friends in GA!)

Permeable Benefits

  • Reduces pollution from rainwater runoff
  • Reduces runoff from the common rainstorm by as much as 100%
  • 50 year life-cycle for surface
  • Outperforms similar systems in harsh climates or freeze/thaw cycles (that’s Northern Nevada for you!)
  • Replaces detention/retention ponds
Belgard permeable pavers

As part of a bio-aquifer stormwater system, Belgard Environmental permeable pavers can virtually eliminate runoff, potentially removing the need for retention ponds or underground sewer pipes.

Permeable Pavers

Environmental stress is increasingly being placed on our resources. As more land is developed, the natural water filtration provided by the soil is continually being diminished. In turn, stormwater runoff – mixed with motor oil, fertilizers, and other contaminants – can pollute our Tahoe or Pyramid lakes, the Truckee River, even groundwater.