Fall Cleanup is Coming: Leaves

Clear leaves and cut back ornamental grasses as an important first step to your fall prep.

Fallen leaves and debris from uncut ornamental grasses, perennials and flowering shrubs can smother and kill turf.

Perennials, which can have a woody stalk or stem left after the blossom fades, should be trimmed back to both promote the plant’s health and maintain a neat appearance.

And remember, bugs that love the outside during the summer usually move indoors when winter hits. They want to be cozy and warm too.

Whether you own a home or live in a managed association, taking care of leaves will keep your home looking good on the outside and bug free on the inside.




If your lawn is healthy and green going in to winter, you’re almost guaranteed a green healthy lawn next spring. Aeration and fertilization will establish a strong groundwork to deliver a healthy lawn come next spring. Save $60 on our most popular fall services now to enjoy a green spring next year!

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Locals vote Signature Landscapes Best Landscaper for 2014

You read that right! Signature Landscapes voted #1 Landscaper in Northern Nevada in the 2014 Reno News and Review’s Best of Northern Nevada reader’s choice contest. Otherwise known as the Reno News & Review’s Biggest Little Best of Northern Nevada. And just in case you missed the Best Of’s from prior years, this is our third first place win!

Thank you, Northern Nevada!

We love you! There’s nothing else we’d rather be doing than serving each and every one of you all year long. Landscaping is our passion, our art and our way of life, and we couldn’t do it without your business.


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