Summer specials guaranteed to beautify your yard

SUMMER FLAGSTONE SPECIAL – $799 Delivered and Installed

  • Beautiful 31/2 ’  Wide by 20‘
    long Flagstone Path
  • Stones set in any existing
    lawn  or landscape area
  • Fill materials such as DG or sand not needed
  • Set over native compacted earth to match
    existing area


  • Includes excavation, sub-grade compaction, base compaction, sand bed, pavers, soldier course, metal edging & joint sand.


  • Any project costing more than $1,500 will receive an instant $200 discount right off the top!
  • Put the money back in your pocket or put it toward additional features. It’s up to you.

Some additional changes and charges might apply depending on your yards layout and dimensions. We’ll go over details before purchase.

Signature Landscapes headlines Nevada Landscape Association Magazine

signaturecover2inhouse_smThe cover of the June 2009 Issue of the Nevada Landscape Association magazine will showcase three of the four owners of Signature Landscapes. Rick Clark, Justin Trimble and Lebo Newman are all smiles as they stand in front of their new building on 3705 Barron Way, Reno.

The article, titled Smart Sustainable Design will focus on installing Bio-Swales as an extremely cost-effective and environmentally sound method for managing water runoff in smaller commercial areas. Typically used for larger public areas such as parks and roadways, Signature Landscapes has addressed the method for bio-swale installation for many commercial applications.
When it comes out, be sure to buzz the men and let them know their hair is “Just Right” in the photo, ok?